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Conductar: Moogfest

An immersive augmented-reality installation, layered on top of the entire city of Asheville, invites Moogfest goers to wander the city and conduct a generative audio-visual world through movement and their neurological response to the environment. Inspired by the psychogeographical concept of "Dérive," the installation runs on a mobile app connected to a brainwave sensor. As festival goers drift from one venue to the next, they will collectively compose new music with the electrical activity of their brains (EEG data). This music, and the corresponding visual world, will exist uniquely for each user. Every minute of Moogfest, the immersive world will evolve, both sonically and visually. The entire city becomes a virtual canvas to compose and explore through each footstep.


Concept: Jeff Crouse, Gary Gunn, Aramique

Technical Director: Jeff Crouse
Creative Director: Aramique
Composer: Gary Gunn
Designer: Mau Morgo
Creative Developer: Bartek Drozdz / Tool of NA
Creative Developer: Ryan Martin


Press: FastCompanyNew York TimesThe Creators ProjectMotherboardPSFKFADER

This music was created in realtime by a user's brainwaves:

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