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Commissioned by Highland Park, this three-day immersive installation transformed at 6,000 sq ft. space in Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Station into a living immersive installation by landscape designer Lily Kwong and composer Gary Gunn. It is a celebration of the longest day of the year on one of the most unique landscapes in the world: Orkney, Scotland.

Complementing the visual experience is an original score celebrating the mystical sounds of Orkney, created by acclaimed composer and musical portrait artist Gary Gunn. The 10-minute soundscape comprised of emotive melodic structures and enthralling sound design delivers an immersive and moving experience that transports the visitor directly to the cliffs of Orkney on the edge of the world. Through his singular style of sonic storytelling, Gunn seeks to momentarily lure commuters out of the mundane and lift them into a dynamic, meditative and enchanting state of being.

Composer / Sound Designer





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