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composer | music producer | audiovisual

Gary Gunn is an acclaimed composer who has worked on countless award-winning projects across film, TV, multimedia art, and interactive experiences. He has collaborated in the creation of immersive, cutting-edge installations that span several continents and has exhibited at noted sites such as the Palais de Tokyo, The Smithsonian Institution, Moogfest, SXSW, The 14th Factory, Comic Con, Museum of the Moving Image, New York Botanical Garden, Mercer Labs, and TED.  


Gunn's film resume includes composing the original score for A Thousand and One, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and received over 50 awards nominations, and 9 wins. It also landed Gunn FFCC and ICSA  Best Score nominations. In addition, the British Academy of Film & Television Arts selected Gunn as a 2023 BAFTA Breakthrough talent, making him the only composer among the 42 cohort to receive such honors. He is also the composer of the Peabody Award winning TV series David Makes Man and the 3x Emmy nominated documentary, Master of Light (HBO), for which he also received an IDA Documentary Award nomination for Best Music Score. His singular artistic perspective has garnered attention from leading luminaries, including being selected for Oprah's Super Soul 100 list. His recent work has received exceptional praise from the likes of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, & Variety. Gunn was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and lives in New York City.

Tying it together is a phenomenal score by Gary Gunn 

- The Guardian


Gary Gunn’s gorgeous score 

- New York Times


Gunn's symphonic music swells and swirls giving a heroic kind of dignity  

- Variety


Gary Gunn's alternately delicate and lush musical score lends lyricism to scenes that often burst with barely contained anger and violence  

- Washington Post

Another standout element worth celebrating is Gary Gunn’s beautiful score. His work is really unique and vibrant  

- Medium

Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winning Film: A Thousand and One

Focus Features / Directed by AV Rockwell

Composer: Gary Gunn

Multimedia Installation: Human Soundscapes: Musical Portraits

Exhibited At FoST (NYC) and Summit Air (Utah)

Director & Composer: Gary Gunn

Installation: Ascend. A Night Pavillion

Exhibited at TED Conference

Composer & Sound Designer: Gary Gunn (3).gif

Peabody Winning TV Series: David  Makes Man

Created by: Tarell McCraney (Moonlight)

Executive Producers: Oprah, Michael B. Jordan, Dee Harris-Lawrence

Composer: Gary Gunn

Installation: Dormouse 

Exhibited at the 14th Factory 

Chief Composer & Musical Director: Gary Gunn

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